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Welcome to the Staten Island Corvette Club 

Hereafter referred to as SICC.
The purpose of the club is to promote fellowship with others who share our passion for the Corvette, America’s best and only true sports car. We have many events to achieve this goal. They include: cruise nights, rallies, car shows, a picnic, brunch and parties.

Anyone who owns or plans to own a Corvette, regardless of condition, is invited to join SICC to share their passion. SICC is all about fun and the enjoyment of the Corvette legacy.

If you share the Corvette passion like we do, please join us to enhance the experience and increase the fun of owning your Corvette.






      Elected Officers       
President       Vice President     Treasurer        Secretary        Governor
 Frank Cangialosi     Nick Domingues   Louis Ferrari    Joe Grado      Paul Giovannini
Appointed Officers
Cruise Director      Club Historian    Merchandise Officer Paul Giovannini      Paul Giovannini        Club Ambassador Lou Ramos
Tom Bellona


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 Staten Island Corvette Club
P.O. Box 80213
Staten Island, New York 10308

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